Change in Hospital Activity

It is with great regret that I am writing to let our parents know we will no longer be rounding on newborn babies in the hospital. We have long enjoyed seeing our families welcome the latest addition to their family soon after birth and helping manage those first precious days. However, due to recent administrative decisions by our local hospitals, it is no longer feasible for us to continue to offer this service. We will, of course, continue to see your beautiful newborns in our office. At Good Samaritan Hospital, our patients will be seen by the Children’s Hospital Colorado Pediatric Hospitalist service. At Avista Hospital, you will be seen by the on-call pediatrician assigned that day. In both regards, we are confident in the care our fellow pediatricians will provide you in the hospital.

We will maintain an affiliate status with these hospitals, so will retain access to the electronic medical records and communication with the physicians there. If your baby is arriving soon and you were expecting to see us in the hospital, we apologize, but look forward to seeing your newborn in our clinic.

Dr. P.

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