Nurse Practitioners


Maura Capaul, FNP


“What I love about being a nurse practitioner is the opportunity to get to know people and their families. My years of nursing taught me that it is possible for people to be well, no matter their state of health. The most interesting part of my work is figuring out what wellness means to each person, and then working with them to move them closer to their goal.”

Education and Affiliations

Maura grew up in Chicago and earned her nursing degree from Rush University in 1995. She first came to Colorado after nursing school to work as a Migrant Health Nurse for the summer. She provided nursing care to families out of the back of her car and in migrant camps along the front range. Soon she fell in love with the mountains and decided to stay when her summer ended. Maura worked in Longmont for four years, providing nursing care in a community health clinic to both English- and Spanish-speaking families, then as a home health nurse. During this time she also worked to help children with special needs and gained extensive experience in terminal and palliative care.

Maura returned to Chicago to work in cancer research, providing care for patients as well as investigating clinical trial protocols and funding opportunities. After getting her Master’s degree from the University of Illinois, Maura became a Family Nurse Practitioner and has provided primary care to all ages since 2003. She has overseen numerous patient-education programs on topics like diabetes, childhood obesity, asthma, nutrition, and perinatal health.

In 2005, Maura founded “Nurses for Africa” – a scholarship program that has graduated 30 nurses, all now working in Tanzania and Kenya. She also began teaching nursing students both in the classroom and the clinic. She taught pharmacology and supervised undergraduate and graduate students during their clinical rotations. Maura received several awards for her teaching in and out of the classroom.


In 2014, Maura decided to move to Boulder with her son, Rory, in order to be closer to family. She’s excited to be back in Colorado and to introduce her son to the adventures of camping, hiking and skiing. Maura is pleased to bring her wide variety of experience and her passion for community health to Lafayette Pediatrics and Internal Medicine.


Heather Dunham, FNP


“My lifelong dream has been to be a Nurse Practitioner.  I consider it an honor and a privilege to walk alongside patients as we work together to reach their goals for health and wellness.”



Education and Affiliations

Heather grew up in the Pacific Northwest and completed her undergraduate nursing degree at Seattle Pacific University in 2003. After graduation, she spent a year working at a Children’s Hospital in Portland, OR. In 2004, she moved from Oregon to Broomfield, CO and took a break from professional nursing to stay at home with her children.  In 2006, returned to professional nursing at Broomfield Pediatrics and Internal Medicine. Heather’s goal has always been to go back to school and become a Nurse Practitioner. In 2016, was able to realize that dream and graduated from Regis University. She has been with Lafayette Pediatrics and Internal Medicine since her graduation.


Heather lives in Broomfield with her husband and 6 children. She enjoys time with family, the mountain views of Colorado and returning to the Pacific Northwest to walk on the beach.

Sophie Huey, FNP

“Teaching is a cornerstone of my practice and is something that I always focus on when talking to patients and their families. From working with students in the outdoor industry to caring for patients in the hospital, I have witnessed how powerful it can be for people to learn about and directly participate in their health. My experiences in healthcare have confirmed the importance of preventative medicine and the value of continuity of care for patients of all ages and backgrounds!”

Education and Affiliations:

Sophie contributes a wealth of experience spanning various healthcare settings. Prior to joining us, she worked in emergency medicine, rehabilitation, and integrative care. 

Sophie obtained a BA in European Studies and a minor in Studio Art from the University of Vermont (2010). While there she was certified as a Wilderness First Responder and EMT, working in emergency response and outdoor education. She also took classes in Healing Touch through the UVM College of Nursing, which were foundational in her outlook on health and healing. 

Between college and nursing school, Sophie worked at North Boulder Physical Therapy and Pilates. Sophie graduated with her BSN from Regis University (2016), and returned for her MSN as a Family Nurse Practitioner (2023). She worked as both a nurse aide and a registered nurse at Children’s Hospital Colorado. In addition to providing critical care to pediatric patients she also served in multiple leadership roles, acting as a project lead and contributor on a variety of Quality Improvement projects, mentoring new staff/students, and creating interactive and effective educational materials for families and patients.

In 2012 Sophie completed her training as Certified Healing Touch Practitioner. Today, she has over a decade of experience providing holistic care to individuals in hospitals, home health, and private practice settings. As a board member of the Healing Beyond Borders Research Committee (2018-2021), she actively contributed to evidence-based practice in energy healing modalities, publications, and nursing conferences.

With her blend of clinical expertise, holistic approach to care, and passion for education, Sophie continues to make a significant impact in the field of family medicine, embodying the essence of compassionate healthcare delivery.


Some of Sophie’s favorite jobs include working as a caretaker on the Vermont Long Trail, ski instructing at Jackson Hole, and working for a cycling company in France. She mostly grew up in Boulder, Colorado but also spent 3+ years in Cairo, Egypt! She lives in Denver with her family and enjoys traveling out of town for hiking, skiing, and rafting.