Welcome Maura Capaul, our new Nurse Practitioner

I am pleased to announce the addition of Maura Capaul, FNP to our growing practice. Maura Capaul is a Family Nurse Practitioner with over a decade of experience providing primary care to children and adults. Nurse Practitioners diagnose and treat illnesses, and are able to order and interpret tests, write prescriptions, and do many common in-office procedures like circumcisions, wart removal and stitches, to name a few. NPs have a unique focus on wellness and preventative care, and like to work in partnership with their patients, just as I do.

My practice has been growing quickly over the past 3 years and we finally reached a point where I needed additional help in order to serve our patients. We conducted a thorough search and I am really excited we found Maura. She started June 12th and has already been an amazing addition. I’ve had great feedback from patients who have seen her. She is friendly, funny and very down to earth. Maura handles the whole range of primary care problems in adults and children. Initially, she will be available to see same-day sick visits, but as her own practice grows, she will help patients manage complex disease states in addition to typical well care. She is well trained in women’s health and has a special interest in developmental disabilities and diabetes management.

With the addition of a new provider, existing patients may worry that they won’t be able to see me anymore. One of the common complaints I’ve heard about other practices is that “I never got to see the doctor.” We are committed to maintaining access to me. In fact, this is one of the driving forces for bringing in a new provider. This allows us to keep wait times for appointments at a steady state. If you want to see me in clinic, you will be able to – just be sure to schedule your well visits at least a month in advance. Maura will be available to those who want to get in more quickly or have an urgent need when I am unavailable.

This fall, I will be scaling back my time in clinic to four days a week. And I hope to take a vacation now and then. Maura is currently in the office three days a week and will be here whenever I am gone.

If you want to move to Maura as your primary care provider, just let us know. I expect some of the adolescent girls in my practice will choose Maura because they may be more comfortable with a female provider. Likewise, many of my adult female patients who don’t get their well woman care here may transition from their Ob/Gyn physician to our clinic for their annual exams. And rest assured, there will be no hard feelings – we want everyone to have the provider they want and are most comfortable with.

On a related note, we are in talks with the building management to expand our current space. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting development.

I am so excited for the future of our practice. Please join me in welcoming Maura Capaul to our practice. She is a great addition!

If you’d like to read Maura’s bio, please click here.

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