The PPAC is underway!

I had intended to form the Patient and Parent Advisory Committee (PPAC) when I first started my practice a year ago. However, the amount of time and commitment in getting the practice up and running really didn’t leave me much space to devote to the committee. However, my plan has finally been implemented! Six patients and parents have graciously agreed to be part of the PPAC and devote some of their spare time to helping my clinic be as patient friendly as possible.

The PPAC is a new idea. I first had the thought a few years ago when we were reviewing policies at my former clinic. I felt that it would’ve been valuable to have a formal process for getting input from the community we serve. Thus, when I started my own clinic, I wanted to involve my patients and their families in forming the policies and helping to lead the direction of the clinic.

It took me about 10 months, but we finally had our first meeting on February 28th. I am really excited by the shape that the committee is taking. All of the members are very enthusiastic about their involvement and are giving me great feedback about the clinic.

The PPAC serves two purposes. First, it is a forum for me to bring questions about the practice to people I trust to give me honest and personal feedback. Second, and perhaps most importantly, it is a way for all of my other patients and parents to ask questions and provide input in an anonymous manner. Prospective patients can ask the PPAC members about the clinic and any specific questions they might have about us. Current patients and families can ask questions, too, but can also use the PPAC as a way to provide feedback about their experiences with the clinic. They can bring up any problems they have in an anonymous manner. These responses are communicated back to me (without patient names) so that I can address any issues we have that are detrimental to the patient care experience. It’s also a way for them to let us know what we are doing really well.

If you would like to send a question or comment to the PPAC, you can email them at

Check out the PPAC page with pictures of the current members here.

The PPAC is in it’s infancy, but I really have high hopes it will be instrumental in helping me deliver the personal care for which I am striving. I will give you updates as we move forward. Our next meeting is May 22nd, so if you have anything you’d like them to address, please send them an email.

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